Friday, October 4, 2019

September Wrap-Up 2019

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September has ended so now it's time to reflect on my month! In this post I will list my book reviews, other blog posts, movies, tv shows, life updates, music, and plans for the next month. I will of course link any reviews and anything non-bookish (which means I don't have a review) I will write a few sentences of my general thoughts! This is the year I plan on reading books I either on my shelves or on my kindle that I really need to get to. I also need to tackle finishing a lot of series I have started in the past.

This month I started off really strong but as wedding planning took over my life even more than it was originally I had a good almost two weeks of no reading, which really sucks. But October is the wedding so I am hoping on our stay-cation I can get some really good reading progress!
Let's jump in!

* = favorite books

Book Reviews 

A Question of Holmes by Brittany Cavallaro
Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan
Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab *
Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston *
The Adventure Zone Volume 2 by the McElroy's and Carey Pietsch
The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren *

Other Posts 

Autumn TBR

Movies Watched 

[Hulu] How to Train Your Dragon 3 - This movie was pretty bad. I am so disappointed because the second one was just okay and the first one was amazing. I really didn't like this one, although the ending was super cute and I did like the ending.
[Netflix] House Bunny - This was a re-watch because my mom visited for wedding stuff and when she comes over we typically watch easy movies like this so it's in the background while we chat.
[Netflix] Casper - This is another movie that played in the background while we chatted. It's a favorite of both of ours.
[Netflix] Princess and the Frog -This is such an amazing Disney movie and deserves more hype. Naveen is my favorite prince and I will always love watching this movie.

TV Shows (Finished) 

[Netflix] Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Matt and I watched this a while back but for some reason stopped at a certain area and got distracted so we finally started it from the beginning and we loved it. I have seen the original show so many times and although that version of the story has a big part of my heart because it's one of my first animes, Brotherhood is so much better.
[Netflix] Death Note - This is another show that I started and then stopped so I am so excited I finally finished it. It was SO WELL DONE and I loved it. It's sad, but so good.
[Funimation] Fruits Basket - I never watched the original, but I loved the re-mastered new version of the show. It's a new favorite and I am so happy to have found it. This story means so much to me it's so cute and heartwarming.
[Hulu] The Masked Singer Season 1 - I hadn't heard of this show until the second season started and now I am absolutely hooked. I cannot wait to continue with season 2!

TV Shows (Currently Watching) 

[Amazon Prime] Banana Fish - I am still getting through this. It's hard because it's not dubbed and I typically prefer dubbed anime shows because I like to do other stuff while watching shows or  YouTube. But I am loving it.
[Netflix] Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 -This show is one of the best children's shows out there and I am so happy that we have started season 3. It's already so freaking good and we are only a few episodes in.
[Hulu] The Masked Singer Season 2 -  This show is so much fun!! I am loving the guessing game and having theories and all that. My only con about this show is that I hate Jenny McCarthy, who is a judge.


[YouTube] K-12 by Melanie Martinez - This music video movie is so well done and I love Melanie's music. I love her style and the way she talks about hard hitting topics.
[YouTube] Father of All by Green Day - It's been a while since I've listened to new  Green Day music but it's been fun to enjoy their music again.


I recently got a Nintendo Switch! So I  got a few games.
[Nintendo Switch] Stardew Valley - I am a huge Animal Crossing: New Leaf fan, but New Horizons doesn't come out till March so I downloaded Stardew Valley because they're similar and I am really enjoying it!! I hate the mines, because I'm a big baby, but overall I love the game.
[Nintendo Switch] Marvel's Ultimate Alliance: The Black Order - Matt and I have been playing this together and it's been so much fun!! I am loving being able to play a game with him that we are both super into.
[Nintendo Switch] Spyro - I played Spyro all the time when I was younger, and I am so excited to be able to play them again. I am so excited to show my uncle when I see him at the wedding. We'd play all the time when I was really little and I haven't seen him in like over ten years so I know he's gong to be so excited.

Life Updates 

September is officially over, which means we have now entered my wedding month and honestly I am both beyond excited and incredibly stressed. However, I am also so ready for the day (October 12) to arrive!

In September I had a lot of important wedding things happen. One being my bridal shower, which was perfectly put together by my two best friends Erica and Jessey!

I also had 4/5 of the ladies in my bridal shower (my sister-in-law lives in Georgia with my brother, who is in the army, so she couldn't attend) so we got a cute photo together!
And I got the CUTEST Harry Potter veil from Erica as a gift and  I am so excited to wear it at my bachelorette party and wedding rehearsal.

After the bridal shower I had a hair appointment, picked a hair style for the wedding, and I had my final dress fitting! So it is definitely starting to feel more and more real. We are officially done with meetings and decisions and now it's just making sure we have everything we need. I am beyond excited.

I did do some reading, but not as much as I would have liked. I am hoping that October, specifically after the wedding October, I am able to tackle more books!

After the wedding my soon-to-be husband will have off work for two whole weeks, and although we have a few smaller plans for the most of the time we plan on just doing a bunch of reading and enjoying our little town. We have plans to visit our favorite local bookstore and I have a long October TBR to tackle. The ones I highlight below are the ones I am most excited for.

October TBR

Sorcery of Thorns
Margaret Rogerson

Spirit Hunters
Ellen Oh

Beyond A Darkened Shore
Jessica Leake 

Wicked Fox
Kat Cho

Thanks for reading! 

How was your September? What books are you reading in October?


  1. Ahh I can't believe it's now your wedding month! I've followed so much about it on your blog, and now it's almost here! I hope everything goes smoothly leading up to it, Heather :)

    1. Ahhhh thank you Amy!! It was absolutely perfect, I cannot wait to share the photos when they are released to us!

  2. Oh what a sweet gift, the HP veil! I love it! Best wishes for your pending nuptials, and the lifetime of happiness to follow ❤️❤️❤️