Tuesday, July 18, 2017

[Bookish List] Bookish Pet Peeves

Talking about my bookish pet peeves! Some of these you may agree with, some you may not, just remember that they are all my personal opinions! So let's get started!

E-Reader Hate 
I am real sick of having to defend e-readers to people who feel the need to bash them. However, no matter how sick I am of it, I'll never stop, Something in my core gets so angry anytime I see it, because I don't think it's okay to bash anyone for reading no matter what format they're reading on.

Poorly Treated Library Books
I am so annoyed every time I go to get a book at my library and the book is falling apart, or I open the pages and there are stains, dog eared corners, markings, and food finger prints. Do what you want with your own property, I don't care, but I wish people were more considerate with books they're borrowing for free.

Readers Who Treat Books Like Living Creatures 
Okay, can we all agree that books cannot feel? And that unless the book edition you own has nostalgic value, is signed, or is some sort of rare edition, it is replaceable? I get so annoyed when people get angry at others for using books as crafts, or just decide to write in their books. I don't do either, but I also don't get angry at ones who do. Do what you want with your money, buy all the books and then write in them. I don't care. Both methods of book owning is fine, let's stop judging others and being weird about inanimate objects.

Book Stickers 
Ugh, they almost never come off in one swipe, and they always leave behind a sticky residue. I know there's a method of getting it off with I believe water and vinegar or something, but it's so risky. You don't want to ruin your new book!

Cover Changes Half Way Through A Series 
This drives me insane, especially when I would buy books a lot. I wish publishers waited until the books were out before releasing new covers. It always looks so bad on your shelves.

Models On Covers Looking Nothing Like Their Character
This drives me insane because it messes up my envision of the character, especially if the author doesn't provide too many descriptions but enough that it's obviously different than the cover. Because then I can't imagine the character on my own, and I can't use the cover model because I know it's wrong.

Deckled Edges 
I hate them, so much. I hate the way they feel and I hate the fact that it's harder to flip through the pages. I have very rarely found a book that the deckled edges make sense (Hamilton: The Revolution being one of them) but other than that, I wish they were not so popular.

Being Interrupted While Reading
Especially in public. I also hate the question "what are you reading?" from a total stranger. Because I may be good with my words most of the time, but I cannot explain a book's plot properly. I always made it sound insane and stupid. I'm not sure how I do that.

Thanks for reading! 

What are some bookish pet peeves of yours?


  1. This is why I stoppd reading my physical books in public, I only use my audiobooks now. When I hve my physical book out, people see no better time than right then to ask me what I am reading, what is it about, how do I like reading, etc. I am unsure of who informed them that a big ass book in my face meant interrupt me...

    1. Exactly! You'd think if someone was reading you'd know not to interrupt them! Audiobooks are a great way to read without anyone knowing! Such a good idea.