Tuesday, June 13, 2017

[Top Ten Tuesday] Favorite Literary Fathers

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish. A prompt is given each week, and I hope to do it every week so I always have something going up on Tuesdays. This week I am naming my top ten favorite fathers in literature in honor of Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to any of the dads out there! My dad is a big fantasy reader like I am, which I love because I love buying books for him. I recently got him The Name of the Wind, which he has been reading currently. One thing I love about my dad when it comes to reading is that he loves Cassandra Clare's books and owns all of them. It's his love for them (plus my love for the second season of the show) that inspired me to pick them up again.

Here are my ten favorite literary fathers!

Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter
Arthur worked hard to take care of his family, and welcomed Harry, Hermione, and any other kids that needed shelter for however long without any worries about financial issues when it came to more mouths to feed or room in The Burrow. I think that is really admirable. Plus, he is absolutely adorable and I love his marriage with Molly.

James Potter from Harry Potter
I think James gets a lot of negative criticism about how he was as a teenager, and I don't find that to be very fair.  I think he was a cocky and arrogant teenager who had this group of friends. He was a bully, and he could be a jerk. Sirius and Lupin went along with it, but they are widely loved. I think that is because we get to see them grow up and mature, and unfortunately we do not get to see that with James because he sacrificed himself for his wife and son. And also, by the way, Lily chose James. She wasn't tricked or manipulated, she made the decision on her own to be with him, and I would like to think that if Lily saw some good in him, even back during his bullying stages, then there was good in him.

Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird 
I think Atticus was a great father to Scout and Jem. He taught them a lot of good lessons, and he let his kids be themselves. He sets such a good example for his kids, and teach them to do the right thing even if the right thing is the harder thing.

Vicente from The Inexplicable Logic of My Life
I loved Vincente. He took such good care of Sal, Sam, and Fito. I also really loved the fact that in the book we see him go through heartbreak and relationships. Normally in books with parents, the parents have all the answers, and although Vinente did give good advice, he was still working out some of his own problems.
Luke Garroway from The Mortal Instruments 
I love Luke because he treated Clary like she was his daughter, despite not even being with Jocelyn. He took care of her and helped raise her. I love their banter and relationship, and I think that their relationship is what brings out a lot of good in Clary. I also love that he also takes care of Simon since he watched Simon grow up with Clary. It's all very heartwarming. I am excited to get through The Infernal Devices so I can go back to the Mortal Instruments series.

Big Mav from The Hate U Give 
I loved both Starr's parents, but especially Big Mav. He had turned his back to being a criminal for his family and put his family first which was really great to see. I loved that although he was a great father who just wanted to raise good children and keep them save, he had some things to learn too. Especially when it came to who Starr dated (no matter their skin color or where they're from) and dealing with his loyalty to their neighborhood but also wanting to keep his kids safe. I loved this book so much.

Ned Stark from Game of Thrones
I really loved Ned as a character. He taught his children loyalty and honor. Something they all kept with them and I feel like made him proud. I really appreciated how much love Ned showed his kids, even Jon who was his bastard son which caused problems between Ned and his wife. Plus, I love Sean Bean.

Charlie Swan from Twilight
Let's be honest, Charlie is the best character in this series because he seems to be the only logical one at times. He's funny and he obviously cares for Bella. I definitely think, like in my last answer, the adaptation portrayal of the character definitely made me love the character even more, but I don't see that as a bad thing. The scene where he is cleaning his gun when Edward comes over to meet him officially as Bella's boyfriend for the first time is one of my favorites. I loved Billy Burke's portrayal. This was my first time watching something Billy Burke was in, but then I started seeing him everywhere.

Arthur Avery from Fangirl 
I love Arthur's character. When his wife leaves the family (not a spoiler, it happens early on) it breaks him, and you can tell. He is dealing with mental illness and he puts his daughter's desires over his mental health. It would help him greatly if Cath stayed home instead of going back to college, but he refuses to let her because he doesn't want to be holding her back, which I find to be admirable. The whole situation with his mental health is such a sticky one that you can't help but feel for him.

Thanks for reading!

Who are some of your favorite fictional father figures? 


  1. I love the Charlie/Bella relationship! Their scenes together are my favourite thing about the Twilight films. And Ned Stark is the best - I still miss him as a character.

    1. Neddd!!! I agree! He was such a sweet dad. And the Charlie/Bella relationship was just awkward and sweet. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Luke from the Mortal Instruments is such an amazing father figure to Clary and Simon. Yes, and Charlie from Twilight was always the voice of reason-- even among 100 year old vampires, haha. Great list! Happy reading!

    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday!

    1. Yessss! Thank you for stopping by! I'll check yours out now!

  3. Great picks! I think you could do an entire list of HP characters. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me

    1. Agreed!! There are so many HP parental figures that are amazing.

  4. I totally agree with James, Luke and Charlie. Great list!
    Megan @ http://wanderingsofabookbird.blogspot.co.uk/