Tuesday, May 9, 2017

[Top Ten Tuesday] Things I Want to See More in Books

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish. A prompt is given each week, and I hope to do it every week so I always have something going up on Tuesdays. This week we are talking about the top ten things I want to see more in books. I think that if these things are more prevalent in literature (especially YA lit) it would be great for all readers and better books will be on the shelves.

Genuine Girl Friendships
Romance is so common, but I want more stories based around friendships. I have realized recently I really love these kind of stories. Granted, I haven't read many books that focus solely on a female friendship but I would love some suggestions.

Genuine Guy Friendships
Same reasoning as the girl friendship answer above! I think there needs to be more guy friendships. There's too many storylines with unneeded rivalry and competition between guys.

Developed Romances (No Insta-Love)
If there has to be romance, I need the romance to be developed.I think as the young adult genre has been evolving and publishers are listening to their readers and what we want, we have been getting more developed romances. However, insta-love is still a thing that pops up from time to time and it seems to take value away from the story as a whole.

Diverse Characters in Fantasy
Fantasy is my favorite go to comfort read, but I want more fantasies with diverse casts. I want other readers to be able to crack open a fantasy book and see themselves inside. Representation matters to all readers, and fantasy is such a fun genre.

Diverse Characters in General
Similar to the last answer,  but once again. Representation matters. Especially accurate representation and it matters.

Body Positivity in Fantasy
Are you seeing a pattern? It's hard to have long descriptions with each of my answers because they're so similar and self explanatory. I just want to see myself and the ones I love being represented in the books I read.

Family Oriented Stories
These kinds of stories are the best kind. I have read a handful in the last year and they hold the slots for some of my favorite books. I think these stories are ones that are easier to be titled as modern classics because I think there is less angst.

Books About Important Topics
We need to keep educating readers on important topics. We need accurate representations that keep people discussing it for a while after finishing the books. There are places for every kind of book whether it is for pure entertainment, pure education, or a mix. But I want more of a mix. I want to read more books where I feel like I have learned something about a culture, sexuality, mental illness, etc. Granted, I think it's enjoyable to pick up a thriller, beach read, or a cheesy romance from time to time, but I am really excited to read more books where I genuinely feel like I am learning something.

More Chapter Artwork or Illustrations
This is just a visual/aesthetic desire. I just love books with beautiful illustrations.I think it adds to the story, and I am always a sucker for great art.

More Dogs (or pets in general) In Books
We need more main characters with pet sidekicks that don't die (I don't have the heart for this kind of character death). So if you have any suggestions throw them my way. If and when I get a book published, I know for a fact there will be an animal sidekick.

Thanks for reading! 

What do you want to see more in books?


  1. Let's just say "friendships" is a sensitive topic for me lately. I'd love to see it in books more but books mirror someone's reality and genuine friendships are sometimes very hard to come by. They can be as messy as relationships. But good ones always warm my heart.

    1. Definitely! I think that seeing better friendships in books, movies, tv shows, etc will help young relationships be more healthy. I was always told by the media I consumed as a pre-teen that I shouldn't trust girls because they're going to stab me in the back one day. Which made it hard for me to trust people at first. I think the more healthy relationships a young reader is exposed to the better.

  2. Great list, I'd love to see more of all of these!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/09/top-ten-tuesday-106/

    1. Thank you! I'll check your post now! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Diverse characters in fantasy is something I'd definitely like to see more of. Great list!
    My TTT

    1. Thank you! And yes!!! More diversity in fantasy would be awesome! Checking out your page now! :) thanks for stopping by.

  4. Yes to all of them! I would absolute love more artwork in books. I think it would be a great way to connect with the story. Fantastic list!

    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday

    1. Thank you so much! I'll check out your list now! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. YES! I want to see all of these as well! Especially body positivity. I am so sick of the "stunningly beautiful" characters...

    1. Agreed! Not every character has to be conventionally beautiful to be an interesting character to read about.