Thursday, May 18, 2017

[Graphic Novel Review] Steven Universe: Too Cool For School by Ian Jones Quartey & Jeremy Sorese

Steven Universe is a Cartoon Network show about Steven, a young boy who lives with three "Crystal Gems" Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst who are humanoid crystal aliens who defend Earth from evil gems. This comic, Too Cool For School is about Steven going to his friend Connie's school for the first time (since he is home schooled by the gems) and things don't go according to plan.


I love the Steven Universe show, so I was so excited to start reading the comic books. It definitely did not disappoint. I loved this comic, its encapsulates the show's vibe completely. It's so much fun.

First the characters, they transferred really well to paper, I read the speech bubbles in the voices of the characters and I feel like although it was fluffy and fun, the characters had some development. Which I appreciated, considering it's progress that only the comic book readers will get to experience. I would have enjoyed to see more of the gems because they are my favorite parts of the show. It was nice to see some more of Connie, because I love Steven's dynamic with her. I like that the character's personalities also transferred well to paper also. The art inside the book (and on the cover) is great, and I love that it's simplistic but the characters look the way they should. The colors were a lot of fun and it was a fast read.

Overall, this was a lot of fun. I plan on looking for the next comic book and I recommend it to anyone who likes the show. I do think it may be less enjoyable to people who haven't watched the show, so I recommend watching at least a few episodes so you get a feel of the world. I also recommend it to kids who like the show, because it's a great comic to start with if you want to get your kids into comic books (or reading in general).

Thanks for reading! 

Have you watched Steven Universe? Who is your favorite character? Mine are Rose Quartz and Garnet.


  1. This sounds so lovely! I love graphic novels based off of TV cartoons!

    1. Me too! I recommend the show! I think you can find most, if not all, the episodes on YouTube :)