Monday, March 6, 2017

[Book Blogger Hop] March 3-9th

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When you start reading a novel, do you prefer to be plunged right into the action, or do you prefer a slower, more descriptive introduction to the plot and characters?

My response:

For me, this question doesn't have a straightforward answer because it depends on the genre and the authors writing. If the writing is well done and the characters are fun to read about, I am completely content with the story having a slower start. However, if the characters are not enjoyable to read and follow I prefer a more action packed beginning.

Although, I think that if the beginning is action packed, it also has to have some sort of introduction to the story. I don't like being thrown into an action packed scene where I am treated like I know what is going on. I have had reading experiences where that happens and then different character names and even sometimes new terms/slang is thrown around and I am feeling lost which takes away my enjoyment of the story. It sometimes can also make me feel like maybe the story isn't for me.  However, as long as the writing is well done sometimes it works. It honestly comes down to the writing. If the writing is good, the opening scenes will be easier to read and the story will be easier to enjoy.

One other thing I tend to like is when the story opens up with a fast paced action flashback (or present time) chapter, and then the next chapter is in present time (or a flashback) and it is more a slower scene. I call it action whiplash, because although in the moment I absolutely hate it every time I turn the page and the action chapter has ended and left me hanging, it definitely keeps me hooked in the story and wanting more which is always a good sign that I will keep reading. Of course, like I said earlier, the writing has to be good or I won't be as invested.

Thanks for reading!

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