Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Joy of Christmas Book Tag

The Joy of Christmas Book Tag! This is such a cute little tag and I loved doing it. It was created by Sam from Sam's Nonsense on YouTube, one of my favorite BookTubers. I will link both her original tag video and her YouTube home page. I highly recommend subscribing if you love classics, Christmas, fantasy, and great discussions. Let's get into the questions!

The Joy of Christmas Book Tag 

1. Anticipation: The Christmas excitement is real, what book release(s) are you most anticipating in 2018?

2. Christmas Songs & Carols: What book or author can you not help but sing their praises?

Becky Albertalli, John Corey Whaley, Angie Thomas, V.E. Schwab, and so many more. There are so many talented writers I absolutely love. I recommend checking out all of their books. My favorites of theirs being The Upside of Requited, Where Things Come Back, The Hate U Give, and This Savage Song respectfully.

3. Gingerbread  Houses: What book or series has wonderful world building?

The Harry Potter series of course has amazing world building, I feel like that is a given. The details and amount of talent it takes to intertwine everything is super inspiring. Other series being The Kingkiller Chronicles, A Series of Unfortunate Events series, and so many more.

4. A Christmas Carol: Favorite classic or one that you want to read.

My favorite classic is either Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or Fahrenheit 451. One I would love to read is actually A Christmas Carol, but I am not sure if I will get to it this year. I am hoping I will be able to. If not, I will probably make it a goal for next year.

5. Christmas Sweets: What book would you love to receive for Christmas?

Inkmistress by Audrey Coulthurst for my kindle or Secrets For the Mad by Dodie Clark. I am not one to really ask for books for Christmas, but these two are definitely on my list that I want to read soon.

6.  Candles in the Window: What book gives you that warm fuzzy feeling?

I actually just read it not too long ago! The Christmas Town by Donna VanLiere. It's a cute little holiday story that reminds me a lot of the cheesy Lifetime/Hallmark movies that marathon all December long. It definitely gets you in the mood for Christmas and the holiday season. It was really sweet and gives you all the warm fuzzies.

7. Christmas Tree & Decorations: What are some of your favorite book covers?

So many, so I will go off just ones I read this past year. Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst (and the prequel, which isn't out yet, Inkmistress). Also Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology has a beautiful cover. There are so many beautiful book covers.

8. Christmas Joy: What are some of your favorite things about Christmas and/or some of your favorite Christmas memories.

My favorite things about Christmas are the music (Holly Jolly Christmas is my favorite song), movies (Arthur Christmas is the best Christmas movie. Fight me), food, and the overall atmosphere Christmas provides. My favorite memories are pretty typical, being with my family and fiancé, making food together. Staying up really late Christmas Eve watching holiday movies and drinking hot cocoa and then waking up way too early the next day to celebrate the holiday and open gifts.

What are your favorite Christmas memories?

Thanks for reading!

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