Tuesday, October 24, 2017

[Book Review] The Broke-Ass Bride's Wedding Guide by Dana LaRue

Brides-to-be, do you dream of rocking a wedding full of personality, pizzazz, and style, without compromising your dreams or kissing your budget goodbye? Well, bust out your happy dance because today is your lucky day...you're holding the key in your newly-betrothed hands!

In the pages of this witty guide, Dana LaRue, creator of thebrokeassbride.com, shares hundreds of tips and anecdotes for getting the most bang for your buck, celebrating your personality as a couple, and making wedding planning fun.


On May 25 of this year, my boyfriend proposed and became my fiancé, and now I am starting to do some wedding planning stuff (even if we aren't planning on marrying till Autumn 2019, I am too excited!) and I thought I would look up some wedding books for help.

I came across this book and decided to request it from my local library and I am really happy I did! Dana LaRue is really great at easing you into wedding planning. Her writing is charming and it's kind of like talking to a friend about wedding plans, which is really nice and calming. It takes away the intimidation of the massive task of planning a wedding. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but she definitely made me feel like I can totally do this. I loved her writing.

One aspect I really loved are the small illustrations scattered through the entire book. The book as a whole is super visually pleasing. From the purple font to the illustrations and tips in the corners of some of the pages. The book wasn't dull like I as expecting it to be but instead a lot of fun and I enjoyed reading it. 

Of course, not everything applied to me, so I skimmed parts I knew weren't going to be helpful to my situation, but overall it helped answer some of my questions. Or it gave me great ideas for my wedding that I wouldn't have thought on my own. I took many notes and snapshots of the pages to save for later on during my planning journey. I even teared up like a big sappy loser at some of the parts when I pictured myself on my wedding day. 

Overall, if you're engaged, plan on getting engaged, or a loved one is engaged I recommend getting your hands on (or giving them) this book! I think it completely worth it and it will be helpful in some way, being Dana LaRue tackles a wide range of wedding planning topics!

Thanks for reading!