Wednesday, July 26, 2017

[Top 5 Wednesday] Series That Got Better

It's time for this week's Top Five Wednesday! This has been created by gingerreadslainey and it also has a Goodreads group. I am hoping to do these posts (or other weekly Wednesday posts) more often as long as I am interested in the current prompt! This week's prompt I am discussing five book series that got better as the series progressed.

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare 
City of Bones is kind of a mess writing wise, but as the books continue they definitely improve. Granted, I am talking about Mortal Instruments exclusively, because I really couldn't get into Infernal Devices at all.

Legend by Marie Lu 
Legend is a dystopian series that I absolutely loved. I love all three books, but I definitely think the story improves as you keep reading. I highly recommend it. I know the dystopian trend has definitely died down, but if you're itching for a dystopian series to quickly read through Legend is definitely something I think would satisfy that craving.

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket 
This is a thirteen book series, so obviously I am going to like some of the books more than others despite what order they're in. However, story wise, I think it improves as you keep reading. You get hooked into the mystery and you can't put them down until you figure out all the secrets inside the book.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins 
I love the Hunger Games trilogy (however, I think the movies are better) but I think that the story gets better with each book. I am one of the crazy people who actually loved Mockingjay.

Zita the Space Girl by Ben Hatke 
This graphic novel trilogy is amazing and so cute. It's a middle grade story about Zita's friend being sucked into a different dimension and her going in to save him. It's so much fun and I think the story gets better and better as you keep reading.

Thanks for reading!

What are some series you think get better as you keep reading?


  1. So glad to see SOUE on this list! :) That's definitely an unpopular opinion! haha But I'm with ya!

    1. I loved all of SOUE! Sure I wasn't a big fan of the end, but that was mostly because I wanted more questions answered. I definitely love how dark the story gets as it progresses!

  2. I actually haven't read A Series of Unfortunate Events, or Hunger Games (seen movies for both of those though! XD) haven't heard of the other books at all :) now I wonder what books I would choose? I somehow just remember series that get WORSE when you're reading them xD whoops!

    1. I definitely recommend them! And yes!! Remembering series that get worse is so much easier for me too! I think it's because when a series gets better, you forget how it was bad originally because the section you're left with is a positive one. But if the series gets worse, then your left with negative emotions!