Thursday, March 9, 2017

[Graphic Novel Review] ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria For the End Times by Andrew MacLean

3.5 STARS 

ApocalyptiGirl is about our main character Aria (and her best friend, a white cat named Jelly Beans) who lives on a post apocalyptic Earth where she's looking for an ancient relic but there is a group of blue striped men who are also on the lookout and have no problem killing to get their hands on it. But then, neither does Aria.

This is a short graphic novel, so the review may be shorter than my normal reviews, but I really enjoyed this story. It was quick and action packed but it also had a lot of heart and humor. Aria has no one to talk to besides Jelly Beans, who doesn't talk back, so she talks to herself pretty often which ended up in some funny dialogue.

The action is graphic and bloody, but not over the top. The art makes it less gory but more straight forward, which I appreciated. It's not my favorite art style, I think it fit the post apocalyptic sci-fi vibe the story gives off. Because the graphic novel is so short, you don't get too much back story or character development. Although, the character development of Aria is present, it just wasn't enough for me to feel satisfied. There's a moment where we see a flash of Aria's past, and it's only a panel or two and it's over and it left me wanting to know more. I feel like a ten or so more pages would have really been what made this story feel more complete.

The writing was well done, and the way the art was used showed Aria and Jelly Bean's friendship nicely. McLean wove their friendship and bond throughout the story easily and flawlessly. Their interactions were one of my favorite parts of reading this graphic novel. All the dialogue seemed realistic and authentic. Along with the tone of the story, the writing also fit the art style.

If you're needing a really quick sci-fi action story, this is a great graphic novel to grab off the shelves. I think fast fun graphic novels are just what you need sometimes to read in between novels.

Thanks for reading! 

Do you have any graphic novels you recommend?


  1. I'm hoping this author comes out with another graphic novel soon! :)