Friday, March 31, 2017

[Book Review] The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Saenz


"Do you think the heart needs love to keep on beating?"

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life is about our main character Salvador (Sal) who is about to start senior year alongside his best friend Samantha (Sam). The year seems to go start off normally until Sal starts getting into fights, Sam's fighting with her mom has increased, and his friend Fito's home life is getting worse. Sal's always been certain of his place with his adopted gay dad and their loving Mexican-American family but now the history of his biological parents have started to haunt him.

This book broke my heart and warmed me up at the same time. There is something about Benjamin Alire Saenz, his writing, his characters, and their stories that just make me so emotional. First with Ari and Dante and now with Sal and Sam.

"The storm was fierce. But I wasn't afraid. I knew my father's love was fiercer than any storm"

First, lets start with the characters because Saenz writes amazing characters. Sal was beautiful to read. I love him so much. His heart is so loving and his relationship with his father, Mima, and friends were so pure. Sam was a character at first I wasn't sure about. She seemed too pushy and abrasive but as the story unfolded I really fell in love with her too. The way she interacts with Sal and Vicente (Sal's father) and the way she wanted to help Tito. I loved her friendship with Sal and I loved her growing friendship with Marcos. It was pretty comical. Vicente was such a great father. I really liked that we got to see him as a dad but I also like that we got to see him going through a tough relationship of his own. Vicente and Marcos' relationship was mostly happening behind the scenes to what was going on in Sal and Sam's lives, and it made it all the more real. Fito was impressive and so strong. I love that he was this book smart kid who just wanted to go to college and make his life better. My heart went to him, and it ached every time Sal described the way Fito wolfed down his food. I felt so connected to all of these characters.

"The world did have too many words. The sound of the rain was all we needed."

The story was amazing. Like I said earlier, Saenz just writes these beautiful stories about family and community that feel so real and so relatable even if you haven't experienced anything the characters are experiencing. He makes it relatable just by the humanity of the characters. I cannot get enough of his writing style and his stories. They mean so much to me in a way I never expect.

"Something happened inside me. A huge and uncontrollable wave ran through me and crashed on the shore that was my heart." 

The writing is poetic and beautiful. Everything about Benjamin Alire Saenz's books are beautiful. They make my heart swell and I cry my eyes out. It happened with Ari and Dante and it definitely happened with The Inexplicable Logic of My Life. It wasn't just the sad parts that got to me. Some of the happier parts made me tear up. I just wanted the best for these characters.

"I keep the memory somewhere inside me - where it's safe. I take it out and look at it when I need to. As if it were a photograph."

I completely recommend this book to everyone. I think anyone would get enjoyment out of this book because the events are ones that so many people go through. The themes of this book are (but not limited to), having a love one pass away, witnessing someone you love grieve, self worth, confidence, lgbtq+, forgiveness, and so much more. Buy this book, borrow it form the library or friend, do whatever you have to do to get your hands on this book. It's absolutely worth it.

Thanks for reading!

What author do you absolutely love every time you read one of their books?