Thursday, February 9, 2017

[Book Review] Fixed On You by Laurelin Paige


My latest attempt of reading a book from the New Adult genre. It went better than the last time but I am still not happy with the outcome. Fixed On You is about our main character Alayna (Laynie) Wither who is recently graduated business major who happily works as a bartender. She meets a hot guy one night at the club she works at and then not long later finds out that he's her new boss Hudson Pierce. He has a proposition for her, and she is in need of some cash quickly.

I was wary going into this story. It sounded like the typical rich man seduces working naive woman and they both have dark pasts (or bad personalities) that mess up their relationship. In most ways, this book kind of fits that description, but one thing this book did that the others didn't is that it made me care a bit more. I liked our main character Laynie a lot throughout the entire book. She was witty, funny, and her motives seemed to make sense. I enjoyed her sass when it came to Hudson's mother, and her overall bravery.

Her love interest, Hudson had moments where I felt like he was almost a good character, but then he'd say or do something awful and I'd find myself recoil. He was less controlling than characters like him in other books I've read. At first I wasn't a fan of him because the minute he introduces her as her boss he's really inappropriate about what she's wearing, and gets really controlling. I really hated his "dark past" that was revealed to Laynie. It felt like a huge red flag, especially with what we learn about her. I don't understand why characters in these kinds of books are obviously bad for each other, but we are supposed to find it romantic that they ignore that huge factor in their relationship. Also why is everyone in these kind of books jealous? It's another sign that these stories move too quickly, you're trying to make me believe that they're in love, but the minute one talks to the opposite sex that isn't the love interest all of a sudden the love interest is jealous. It's such a cheap way to build conflict. Why does everyone have to be so insecure in erotica books?

Also, why is it with New Adult books, the secondary characters are always so awesome? I loved Jordan, the driver Hudson hires to take Laynie places. And I really liked Hudson's father and even his sister Mira (who could be a bit much, but she was endearing). I feel like because stories in New Adult books are so overly dramatic and sometimes hard to handle these comical or sweet characters in the background shine so much more. 

The writing was well done, I enjoyed it and didn't have any problems with it. Laurelin used the word "cunt" instead of any other word to reference Laynie's vagina more a few times, and I still do not enjoy that. I need to set up a petition to stop writers from doing this. Immediately I cringe. Other than that I was happy with the writing. Everything was better than what I have previously experienced in this genre, but it wasn't as good as it could have been.

I am not sure if I recommend this book. If you're looking for a New Adult book, this is definitely one of the best ones I have read. However, it only got 2.5 stars from me so that isn't exactly saying much. I have to believe there are better ones out there, but I just haven't read them yet.

Thank you for reading! 

Have you read Fixed On You? Do you have any New Adult suggestions?


  1. Oye...yeah I don't think I will ever be able to read erotica. It's just too much and so often very horrible written.

    1. Yeah! I don't mind sex scenes and I don't mind romance but damn do so many New Adult writers romanticize such awful relationships!