Thursday, January 5, 2017

[Graphic Novel Reveiw] LumberJanes Volume 3: A Terrible Plan


LumberJanes is a comic series about a group of girls at a summer camp who run into weird supernatural entities that are [for the most part] out to get them. This series is an amazing one. It's fun, hilarious, and the art is well done and colorful.

A Terrible Plan is the third volume of the series, so I don't plan on going into much detail because of spoilers. I really enjoyed this volume but not as much as the two before it. I still really loved it, but I feel like the story slightly lacked with the girls being separated. I really loved the plot of April, Jo, and Ridley trying to get mundane badges, and I enjoyed the plot Mal and Molly were having. However, I feel like since this is the first time us seeing the group split up, not only was I not used to it but I think the silly and funny vibe the previous volumes 1&2 had wasn't present in this volume.
I had a small issue with the pacing in Mal and Molly's story. It was a long time of them freaking out but then their problem was solved pretty quickly. I think that's more the cons of reading volumes instead of individual issues and waiting to get them weekly. Because I was able to binge the story it seemed like the pacing was off. The art style also changed because Noelle Stevenson didn't do any of it. And although I liked the art in this volume, with the other changes it just seemed to be too much change. I really love Noelle's art. I did enjoy that each ghost story had it's own art style.
Overall, I laughed so much during the mundane badge missions. I love April so much and Ridley is adorable. I also liked that the Mal/Molly plot got a little deeper. I'm enjoying seeing their relationship expand. They're really cute together and they compliment each other. I'm excited to see what happens next.

I recommend this series to anyone who wants to read about smart & funny women. Or if you're into camp settings or supernatural happenings. I also recommend it to kids 9+. I think they'd really enjoy it.

Thanks for reading! 
I love reading graphic novels! Are there any you recommend?  


  1. LOVE the first three volumes of this series!

    1. Yeah! I still need to continue with the rest!