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Thank you for considering me as a reviewer for your book! If you're a publisher or an author and you'd like me to give an honest review to one or more of your works, please check out my policy which will be stated below, and fill out this quick request form or contact me on any of my social media platforms.

My Book Review Policy

Genres I Accept
  • Children's Literature
  • Comics 
  • Contemporary 
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Graphic Novels 
  • Historical Fiction
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • New Adult Romance
  • Paranormal
  • Post Apocalyptic 
  • Sci-Fi
  • Suspense
  • Thriller
  • Young Adult
Genres I Do Not Accept
  • Biographies 
  • Classics
  • Crime
  • Non-Fiction
  • Self-Help
Book Formats That I Accept
  • e-Books
  • Physical Copies
I do not have a preference between the two so it is up to you on which one you want to supply to me.

How Long It Takes Me To Review A Book 

Typically I can read and review a book no longer than 2-3 weeks of receiving it. Depending on my current reading queue and the book's length. Once I am done reading the book I will post it on my blog and my other social media platforms. If you would like me to email (or send through social media) you a link of the review please tell me.

Where I Post My Reviews
My Rating System
  • 5 Stars: Absolute Perfection.
  • 4.5 Stars: Amazing
  • 4 Stars: Loved it!
  • 3.5 Stars: Liked it!
  • 3 Stars: It was okay
  • 2.5 Stars: Almost okay.
  • 2 Stars: Needs work
  • 1.5 Stars: Really didn't like it.
  • 1 Star: Absolutely hated it.
  • DNF: Did Not Finish.
Other Information
  • My review will be honest and will reflect me as a reader. I will not change my review if asked and I stand with my opinions.
  • I will not accept a book that has no interest to me or if it doesn't meet my requirements.
  • However, if it turns out I have the urge to DNF the book for whatever reasons I reserve the right to do that. I do not DNF books often, and when it happens I have exhausted myself trying to give the book a fair chance. During my monthly wrap up I will add why I DNFed the book. I do not normally give full post reviews if I DNFed the book, but if you want me to I have no problem doing so.
  • I will not accept sequels in book series unless I have read the series from the beginning. 
  • I tend to pull favorite quotes from the books I read that I loved the most. 
  • I will not put up reviews that contain spoilers if I am reviewing an ARC before the release date. However, unless asked, I will probably wait to put up the review until the day of the release. 
  • If I feel strongly (either positively or negatively) about a book I tend to have longer reviews. However, some reviews are shorter. I will keep that method when reviewing all books.

Thank you for considering me as a reviewer and reading my policy.

If my policy works for you please fill out the request form or comment below to discuss me reviewing the books you have in mind. If you have any questions you can use the comment section below or contact me on any of my social media platforms. Have a good day!


  1. Hi!

    I’m Anna Lane.

    I saw your tweet and would like to know whether you'd be interested in Cursed Legacy..

    CL is my first book and also the first book in a light YA sci-fi/fantasy series. I would love to offer you a free copy. Below is a link to Amazon/Goodreads where you can preview the book.

    I can send pdf, mobi, epub and the book is free on KU. I wouldn’t mind sending you an e-gift for Kindle user either.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Heather,

    I follow you on Twitter and thought you might be interested in being a book birthday blog tour host for Tori Curtis's own-voices lesbian selkie/mermaid fantasy novel, Eelgrass.

    Here's the blurb:

    In Eelgrass, a lesbian reimagining of Irish folktales, Efa and Bettan spend their days roving the sea and shore. The other selkies in their village say it will soon be time for them to settle down and find husbands. Then Bettan disappears into a rainstorm. Despite the other villagers’ reassurances, Efa can't shake the certainty her friend’s been taken.

    To rescue Bettan, she must leave behind the shallow waters of her home and find the fishwives. These half-human fish seduce men with song and devour them with sharp teeth. She doesn't expect to find Ninka, an outrageous young woman who makes her feel giddy and who might be the key to unlocking her own courage.

    All tour hosts will receive a free ebook copy of Eelgrass and an original post written exclusively for their blog, fully formatted with images and ready to share. One or more tour hosts will be chosen by raffle to host a giveaway. There is also an opportunity to win additional thank-you gifts, including Amazon gift cards.

    If you're interested, you can find out more and sign up here:

    Thanks so much!

    Jazzi Kelley
    #1 Tori Curtis Fangirl